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Navštivtě naše květinářství a včelařské potřeby v Třebíči v hotelu ATOM.

EIT Trading s.r.o.



Founded in 2008 and based on years of knowledge and experience, especially in the field of transport.

In 2014, we, as a smaller company, purchased the former timber handling warehouse on land 3 hectares, located in Okříškách on the street Za Tratí 434 at the train station.

This land we began to adjust themselves to meaningful and satisfying our needs. Nowadays, when our company has grown a little more, this land, met our needs and expectations.

Upon entering the large administrative buildings, you find only the family background of the whole company, but also spacious, modern and equipped offices, and also facilities for our drivers.

In our area, you a warm welcome to the orchard bee hives, because our company is not only concerned with domestic and international traffic, but also florists and beekeeping.

Our main activity is the field of transport, whether domestic or international transport of goods as their own vehicles as well as vehicles mediated. In our fleet you can find 55 cars of various sizes and load capacity, from small vans through solo vehicles and trucks, but also manage loading and unloading freight train sets, namely, in the area where the siding.

So the choice is great and will transport you almost anything. From small packages, after moving your living, building materials, and other possible your wishes. All documents on transport and customs documentation will be made by you.

Our company motto is: "Where others end - we are going to accelerate"

We handle for you and problems with your car, an agricultural machine or connecting device when you visit our service. Part of our company, we also have a tire which will also arrange regular přezutí tires.

In our area, we also have a large storage space, and that the size of 1500 m2, where we offer warehousing and storage of various goods, machinery, pallets, etc ...

If you want to make your beloved, but also wearing a small joy, come to our florist and beekeeping supplies on the street Velkomeziříčská 1121 in Trebic. We offer customers a large selection of fresh cut and potted flowers, floral arrangements for various occasions, candles, ceramics, decorations, mead, honey, and various other ideas. For beekeepers, we have a wide assortment of apiculture products.


              If you visit us, whether in Okříškách, or in a store, even on roads you meet our riding Beauty logo Bee -

- Happy and pleasantly welcome you


 The whole team - EIT TRADING s.r.o.

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